Alex Jones Is A Jesuit?

Alex Jones Is A Jesuit?

Alex ‘CIA’ Jones is exposed by Craig Oxley for the intelligence agency opposame Papal stooge he really is. Beware of this man just as William Cooper warned you before he was killed for being a real truthsayer. Alex is an actor and completely controlled by the enemy wishing to control both sides of the same coin. He will not expose the Jesuit Order Roman Elite. You’ll never hear him speak of the Arcana Arcanorum (Grey Jesuit) power Ptolemaic bloodlines like Farnese, Orsini, Aldobrandini, Breakspear and Somaglia. You’ll never hear him mention the Superior Inconnu’s, missile protected Borgo Santo Spirito region in Rome controlling the World.

Please check out this link for much exposure of this shill who has once already had this video removed off Youtube. How dare he when it’s all my words and work.


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