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The Trump Card, by Walter Veith

Has the Trump campaign brought us any closer to the fulfilment of prophecy? With the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States, prophecy can finally reach the point of fulfilment, when Church and State comes together to enact laws which are contrary to the laws of God, but which favour the first beast of Revelation 13. Then these events can take place, and we are told that the last events will be rapid ones. Is it possible that we are seeing the fulfilment of prophecy and that Jesus will be coming soon on the clouds of heaven?

Von Kreta nach Malta – Walter Veith

maltaveithHoffnung im letzten Sturm

Es war auf Paulus‘ Fahrt von Kreta nach Malta, dass ein unerwarteter, heftiger Wintersturm die Besatzung in eine schicksalhafte Krise bringen sollte. Gott bewahrte das Leben seines Dieners, doch das Schiff sollte zerbrechen. Dieses Schiff ist die Gemeinde. Sie steuert direkt auf die entscheidende Auseinandersetzung zwischen Christus und dem Antichristus zu. Der Tag, an dem der Protestantismus endgültig vor den entschlossenen Attacken der Gegenreformation in die Knie geht, wird auch der Moment sein, an dem sich das ewige Evangelium zu seinem letzten, unaufhaltsamen Triumphzug erhebt und die ganze Erde mit der Herrlichkeit eines liebenden Erlösers erleuchtet.

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Donald J. Trump recently won the presidential election to become the next president-elect of the United States of America. Reactions of his win were mixed with protesters in many cities rallying against him. They held sings up which read, „Not My President“ and „racist“ and compared him to Hitler. Some people are afraid of how Donald’s Trump’s policies will change America.

End time Bible prophecy indicates that there would be fear and anger in the world; and that is what we see as a result of Trump’s election and also for various reasons in other countries. People are protesting and angry.

The Bible also indicates that Protestant America will work with the Vatican in order to enforce the mark of the beast; and what’s unique about Trump’s election is that both Protestants and Catholic gave him the majority of their vote. Not to mention, Donald Trump promised to give Evangelicals more voting power after he becomes president. Will this lead to Protestant America passing laws that enforce Sunday worship? Watch this video to learn more!

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