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10 FACTS About SATAN You Probably Didn’t Know !!!

Satan. Who is he? Where did he come from? What does he look like? Why does he hate us so much? What does the name Lucifer and Devil mean? Did God create the devil? I’m going be answering these, and many more questions, in this video!

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Gottesfurcht vs. Menschenfurcht – Sylvia Clemens

Manchmal gibt es Zeiten im Leben, wo man sich fest im Glauben wähnt, doch plötzlich kommen Situationen, in denen doch alles irgendwie schief läuft. Sehr oft halten wir uns dann an Menschen fest, sind angewiesen und abhängig von ihrem Zuspruch und vergessen dabei, wo Gott ist.
Aber Er möchte uns in allen Situationen lehren, Ihm Raum in unseren Herzen zu geben, anstatt den Menschen, und Ihn vertrauensvoll gewähren zu lassen.



2300 Day Prophecy: https://youtu.be/MyyAIOkr-KM

Is it so hard to understand Bible Prophecy? I mean really… Well, I guess to some people it could be because they are constantly forming opinions in their heads how to interpret Bible prophecy. Bible prophecy really isn’t that difficult to understand if we have a foundation. Most of end time Bible prophecy are written in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation. There are 3 schools to interpret these prophecies but only ONE is trust worthy.

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