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Who do you trust? Alex Jones, David Icke, Michael Savage, Dr. David Duke, Dr. William Pierce. (Englisch)

After a decade of trial and error, I’ve come to the realization that people like Alex Jones and many more, in both mainstream and alternative media are nothing but disinfo paywar agents as described in this video. Many documents have been released during the 1990’s that proved it was standard practice for co-intel to infiltrate with a legit story to gain trust, then divide and conquer and keep the eye off the real culprit with 80-90% truth and 10-20% lies. And its that 10-20% thats most important. We all know when that 10-20% of the lies Alex Jones tells comes up. When anything to do with jewish/zionist/neocon/communist/marxist suversion, spying, false flag terrorism, etc.

The ones that will tell you the whole truth are rare. Some since 9-11 have died under suspicious circumstances. Others are set up and jailed like Jim Trafficant.

There was WIlliam Cooper of course, shot dead on his property just 2 months after 9-11-01 in November 2001 after predicting 9-11 and Bin Laden used as a scapegoat in June 2001. A FULL MONTH BEFORE THE LIAR ALEX JONES, who still to this day says he was the only one who predicted 9-11.

Then there’s also Dr. WIllian Pierce who died the next year. He too enraged jewish Likudniks because he dared tell the truth! Even the mainstream isn’t void of these jewish hate campaigns choreographed by the infinite amount of networking organizations they have in place thanks to our tax dollars. For example there was Gary Webb, who supposedly shot himself in the head TWICE! He wrote Dark Alliance in 1996 which uncovered the Iran Contra CIA clique that smuggled in tons of cocaine and smuggled weapons to Iran, single-handedly starting the crack cocaine epidemic that destroyed societies and caused the jailing of 100’s of 1000’s all through the 1980s and 90s.

There are many more examples. Currently we have attacks on bloggers, as in the case of Edgar J. Steele, an anti-zionist attorney in Idaho who was 1st attempted to be killed in Nov. 09, but survived. He is now being framed by the with the often used “FBI informer” ploy. Supposedly this man was hired as a maintenance man for Edgar, who’d just had open heart surgery a few months eariler. This maintenance man/informer is an ex con with a long record while Edgar Steele bragged about his wife and children constantly on his podcasts over the past few years. Plus why would he hire someone he barely knows, who just so happened to steal his silver btw, to kill his wife for a paltry 100,000 life insurance policy of which he promised the informer half? Makes no sense at all. A man who;d just had a heart attack would need his wife and family more than ever. That he was hired to plant a bomb in his wife’s car is ridiculous.

For updates on the Edgar Steele case, Edgar J. Steele’s website with his archived articles and podcasts can be found at

If you remember, it was “FBI informants that were behind the 1st WTC bombing in 93 and OKC in 95. The story is never ending. Never believe the corporate media. They lie way more than tell the truth. Find your sources you can trust and then double check.





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